Focus on emerging consumer mindsets

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May 11, 2021, 4:45 PM GMT+0

The pandemic has changed consumer lifestyle, needs, mindsets and preferences over the past year. 

With consumer behaviour and daily routines changing rapidly, brands need to analyse and segment customers based on their needs and not solely on demography. They need to re-identify priority customers while focusing on new clusters within their broader audience base. 

After having a better understanding of emerging trends, companies should also remap their customer journey. They should create virtual brand experiences that build trust and loyalty among their prospects. While they remap the customer journey, companies should also consider any new competitors that the audiences might feel and increase personalisation with sophisticated digital tools. 

Companies must quantify what matters most across the customer experience and strive to deliver them based on consumer priorities. A warm welcome mixed with outreach post-purchase can help build lasting customer relationships post-pandemic. 

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