Automate email marketing for better ROI

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May 12, 2021, 5:50 PM GMT+0

Email marketing automation can help brands reach the right audience with a targeted email message at the correct time.

Automating email marketing can help marketers organise and effectively use customer data, resulting in timely and relevant marketing messages. 30% of marketers said the most significant benefit of automation is the time it saves.

Studies found email marketing automation could also help generate leads, increase revenue, retain customers, shorten the sales cycle and improve customer experience. Businesses can prepare triggered messages in advance and leverage automated tools to send an email once a user takes a specific action, like downloading content or abandoning a cart.

Email automation tools can allow marketers to create drip campaigns, promote sales or events and adapt marketing according to customer journeys based on customer data. However, marketers should use a good email template, and A/B test their campaigns to boost performance.

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