Swap click-bait for emotion-bait content

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May 13, 2021, 2:11 AM GMT+0

Replace click-bait headlines with traditional storytelling, which is an emotion-bait tactic to engage audiences.

The prevalence of low-quality content and click-bait headlines typically causes users to lose trust in the related content source and deems them less legitimate than others. Marketers must avoid such a writing style and aim for high-quality content, even for headlines.

Businesses can set up their brand voice and tone, find a brand design template, avoid exaggerated headlines and collaborate with industry peers to establish themselves as authentic industry sources. More traditional measures or emotional-bait tactics like sharing a case study or a customer story, or promoting user-generated content would be appropriate.

Craft actionable headlines using action verbs, power words and calls-to-action in headlines to create a positive impact on readers’ minds. Citing reputed and credible sources in branded copies can also help foster trust among readers.

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