DxO can improve subscriber retention

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May 14, 2021, 12:36 PM GMT+0

Digital Experience Optimisation (DxO) is “the process of unifying and optimising digital experiences across the entire digital customer journey” from acquisition to win back.

While new subscriptions grew amid the pandemic, subscriber renewals and upsells contribute around 70% to 95% to revenue of businesses with subscription models. To retain customers, boost brand loyalty and maximise customer lifetime value, leverage DxO within subscriber retention strategies.

Blend together research methodologies to gather actionable customer insights, necessary for delivering consistent and relevant experiences across touchpoints. Acquisition and behavioural cohort analysis can further help identify drivers of retention and churn.

Companies should develop a user-centric, value-based, holistic, seamless, continuously evolving and multi-channel onboarding strategy. Proactively collecting customer feedback using customer satisfaction surveys can help predict churns and risks. Use these insights to inform triggered engagement strategies, cancellation journeys and the win-back plans.

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