Focus on user-centered design research

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May 19, 2021, 2:15 AM GMT+0

Unlike KPI-centred design research, user-centred design research can help improve KPIs as well as customer satisfaction.

Opt for a user-centered design research approach to supply conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategists with the necessary context. This will allow them to make more informed potential recommendations.

This piece has described user-centred design as “using informative analysis to develop hypotheses and evaluative research to validate those hypotheses.” After conducting A/B testing, researchers concluded that KPI-centered design dependent on dark patterns is unable to gain user trust, thereby damaging brand reputation.

A qualitative or user-centered design research approach can benefit CRO efforts by providing “attitudinal” insights. Support this with A/B testing to find the right balance to meet business goals as well as client expectations.

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