Small businesses must use call tracking

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May 20, 2021, 11:05 AM GMT+0

Insights gathered from call tracking contribute to calculating ROI, enhance sales processes and improve customer service.

Call tracking must be non-negotiable for brands as 60% of consumers use the phone to connect with small businesses. The information gathered through this can provide specific insights into the sales call that don’t convert and the reasons behind them.

Advanced-level call tracking can help determine keywords that generate the most leads. It can also provide in-depth customer information, which can help improve personalisation, lead generation, conversions and marketing ROI. Insights gathered from call tracking can also help recover lost leads.

Assign unique numbers to each campaign, analyse the number of phone calls and monitor conversion rates. Leverage call tracking to determine the average order value and ROI from each campaign, and compare it with the campaign spends. If the ROI is less than 5:1, consider campaign optimisation.

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