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May 21, 2021, 2:21 AM GMT+0

Aligning sales and marketing teams can help businesses accurately attribute ROI.

With a shared system of communication, strategy, accountability, and goals, businesses can align sales and marketing teams, augment marketing activities, and drive revenue. Due to the proximity of salespeople to prospects, having sales teams share insights like real-world solutions applications, market dynamics and more, with marketers can help the latter address consumer pain points.

Marketers, in turn, should educate consumers, nurture leads, gather competitive intel, engage with customers, to support the sales team. Creating a centralised source of information helps align sales and marketing efforts while identifying new trends and insights nestled in customer data.

Marketing and sales teams must agree to mutually-acceptable lead handoff process to improve efficiency. Both teams must be connected with a closed-loop feedback system to help them adjust strategies and drive growth.

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