Automate email campaigns to drive sales

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May 25, 2021, 12:43 PM GMT+0

Sending strategic emails that match the consumers’ engagement levels at various stages of the purchase funnel can help brands enhance their email cadence.

Brands must develop engaging email content relevant to the target audience, as email recipients on average go through six touchpoints before buying. Rather than using the “batch and blast” approach to send unsolicited emails, understanding consumers’ needs and position in the sales funnel can help brands set email frequency.

Implementing marketing automation lets marketers create effective email campaigns and target consumers with high purchase intent. Automation tools help marketers link important metrics in real-time, reduce repetitive tasks, and create highly engaging email content, tailored for each recipient.

Further, brands can use automation to gauge each prospect’s engagement level with the brand and gather quality leads. Data from automation tools can help marketers create optimum email cadence for each recipient and drive conversions.

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