Tech can manage virtual event lifecycles

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May 25, 2021, 2:47 AM GMT+0

While 76% of event marketers say email is the most effective channel to secure registrations for virtual events, 60% bank on social media and 49% consider programmatic ads.

Before promoting virtual events, marketers must conduct interviews and surveys to gain a complete understanding of the target audience. Consider prospects’ demographics, psychographics, pain points and expectations from the event to create effective virtual event content.

Use a virtual event management platform to manage the event lifecycle across live streaming, one-to-one or group sessions and more. Marketers can use advertising, PR campaigns and social efforts for pre-event promotional activities.

Run continuous interactive promotions on social channels to continue outreach during an event. Post-event, take up initiatives like on-demand sessions, feedback and blogs to create a lasting impact on target audiences. Using analytics can further help optimise events for better engagement, sponsorships and ROIs.

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