Use website sitemaps to boost ranking

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May 25, 2021, 3:08 AM GMT+0

Sitemaps are a crucial website element that help search engines efficiently crawl a website.

Sitemaps are important as they direct search engine bots to examine a website’s content and relevance, necessary for ranking higher on SERPs. Not just for search engine crawlers but sitemaps are useful for easy site navigation.

Sitemaps can give websites a logical structure and help start with building internal links. It can also speeds up crawling and indexing by making it easier for crawlers to analyse website content, especially when the website is extensive and has a high number of webpages.

Sitemaps are also highly beneficial when the website is new or has no external links. XML Sitemaps and HTML sitemaps are two formats of sitemaps, where XML is meant for search engine bots, HTML is for web users.

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