Analyse monetisation with cohort reports

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May 27, 2021, 4:25 AM GMT+0

Cohort reports help attribute metrics and KPIs for the app’s performance.

Evaluating cohort reports could provide app monetisation managers with a holistic view of an app’s metrics by using a particular time as a benchmark to measure the performance. The reports allow marketers to accurately understand business reports and enhance long-term optimisation and growth.

Further, cohort reports provide insights on the impact of monetisation changes on the lifetime value (LTV) and retention of users, alongside user acquisition or addition of new features. Assessing cohort reports could help marketers compare app performance in terms of revenue and new users acquired, parallel to performance reports.

Checking cohort reports every day and specifically a day before and after any changes made to monetisation or user acquisition strategy is recommended. Analysing cohort reports can help brands discover new strategic insights and drive their app’s growth.

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