Site visit data can track effectiveness

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May 27, 2021, 11:46 AM GMT+0

Over time, fine tune methods of measuring marketing progress.

To keep pace with the digital world, routine checks to assess the efficiency of ongoing digital marketing efforts are essential. This could include everything ranging from checking a site’s traffic and the possible sources, time spent on site and more.  

Monitoring site traffic, over a period of time, can reveal variations in traffic, if any. Comparing these variations with baseline figures can guide the implementation of any future efforts. Identify the origin of traffic to arrive at keywords that could be guiding people to the site.

Find out the average time spent by a user each time they visit the website. According to SEO experts, the higher the average in terms of time spent on a website, the “more attractive the information is to the public.” Insights from site visit pattern analysis help optimise marketing initiatives.

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