Use organic and paid posts for TikTok

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May 27, 2021, 12:24 PM GMT+0

Adopting an organic media strategy could help marketers mitigate the risks of new data privacy policy changes.

Concerns about TikTok becoming a pay-to-play platform are growing, as brands incorporate the platform into their media strategy. While brands and agencies are opting for paid media plans to reach TikTok users, many are implementing a hybrid approach of paid and organic media to reach prospects.

Moreover, paid media is more expensive and ad product tools on TikTok require fine-tuning. Dylan Kim, head of marketing for Brevite anticipates that the organic reach on TikTok could get hampered by paid posts, just like Facebook and Instagram’s feed.

Kim adds that adopting an organic approach for TikTok is crucial for brands, as new data privacy legislation comes into effect. By combining organic and paid efforts, agencies like 360i and AnalogFolk have boosted their TikTok marketing campaigns and improved reach.

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