Boost Snapchat ads with machine learning

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May 28, 2021, 3:49 AM GMT+0

Ecommerce businesses must allow Snapchat’s algorithms to find, segment and refine audiences and use creative testing to target prospects better.

With Snapchat’s prospecting and retargeting capabilities, ecommerce brands should create marketing campaigns on the platform. Savannah Sanchez, the founder of Social Savannah, says rather than narrowing targeting, creating broad prospecting campaigns with general targeting can help brands understand audiences better.

Create a native ad library with a 9x16 vertical format since Snapchat is a vertical display platform. While already published content performs better, if brands don’t have re-usable vertical content, they must follow the Snapchat Creative Golden Rules, to build original Snapchat ads.

Build simple campaigns that serve as a foundation to develop future campaigns and structure ad groups with at least three machine leaning creatives to enhance sales. Optimising landing pages for mobile with CTAs help enhance user experience on Snapchat and enhance return-on-ad-spend.

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