Develop in-house OTT marketing skills

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May 28, 2021, 3:37 AM GMT+0

A Nielsen study found 58% of marketers reporting internal knowledge gaps as a major challenge to adopting OTT for marketing.

Such a hindrance can be detrimental to advertisers’ marketing efforts since at least one CTV is primed for OTT in over three-fourths of American homes. With video streaming gaining impetus amid the pandemic, OTT is crucial for current marketing mix and businesses must ramp up their in-house OTT marketing skills.

OTT acts as a full-funnel platform and provides immense opportunities for driving conversions as well as retargeting. By identifying content that aligns with the brand’s value proposition, marketers can create ads that appear within trusted content that already resonates with their target audience.

Marketers can also explore creative options like brand-building product placement. With OTT opportunities being highly scalable, marketers should consider testing small-scale campaigns in a controlled manner and leverage audience data to enhance targeting.

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