Personalise emails beyond subject lines

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May 28, 2021, 3:26 AM GMT+0

A HubSpot study found that among different types of emails, simpler-designed emails drove the most engagement and click-throughs.

Companies should look for ways to personalise marketing emails and go beyond surface-level personalisation. Use customer’s first names to speak directly to them, address their goals and pain points. Instead of talking about product or service features, companies must focus on highlighting the benefits being offered.

Demonstrate to email recipients how the offering can solve their problem. Marketers should also personalise email subject lines and use emojis to increase open rates. Ideally, limit email subject lines up to seven words with an average of 41 characters. They should also consider preview text as an extension of the subject lines.

Marketers should strictly avoid using jargons in email marketing efforts and keep the content short and simple. Always, stick to one clear CTA per email to drive results.

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