Use the right tools to visualise data

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May 28, 2021, 2:21 AM GMT+0

To create a visualisation of a multi-touch attribution model, businesses need expertise in machine learning or data science and Python.

Brands can build marketing data visualisation by having clear objectives, proper data sets, and expertise to analyse and deliver the insights. While data charts require tools, they should be selected depending on the objectives, data and skillsets needed for data visualisation.

However, the final outcome of a data visualisation chart can differ, depending on the tools used to process the data. To communicate the performance of a website, for example, brands require a dashboard, Google Analytics data and the skills to use productivity software.

Marketers can employ Google Data Studio to process data, as the product is compatible with Google data. Have insights on ad spends, time per task, marketing performance, and expertise to process the data to craft visualisation for marketing ROI.

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