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May 31, 2021, 1:27 PM GMT+0

Canonical tags on site pages can help Google index links with similar content and avoid content duplication.

Optimise sites with relevant keywords and phrases used by the target audience to drive visibility, enhance search engine optimisation (SEO) and rank higher on Google search results. SEO can help digital marketers and advertisers attract high-quality leads, increase conversions and boost sales.

Brands must ensure their website content is moderately optimised with relevant keywords in headers, title tags, body, URL and meta description, to expand the visibility of their site. Over optimising the site with keywords could impact its visibility and its readability.

Creating a Google My Business account enables brands to share the business’s name, product and services and contact information. Building inbound links via sponsored events, developing fast-loading mobile-friendly sites, and allowing Google bots to crawl the website can boost SEO and search ranking.

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