Use subtitles, text in brand videos

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May 31, 2021, 5:23 AM GMT+0

According to Oberlo, creating videos can help brands get 66% more qualified leads annually and increase their brand awareness by 54%.

With videos increasingly becoming an important tool in amplifying brand engagement, fostering brand community and telling the brand story, companies must launch an effective video marketing strategy. Shoot high-quality videos, use proper lighting sources, record audio in a silent space with good acoustics and ensure camera stability.

Structure videos and highlight the most engaging part in the beginning to keep viewers invested. To further engagement, brands’ spokespeople could be present in social videos. Appearing in the branded social videos gives brands a human face and adds a personal touch.

Personal appearance in videos can help build trust with audiences and foster long-term customer relationships. Marketers should add subtitles and textual content while also ensuring that videos are optimised for mobile viewing.

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