Brands must use value-based selling

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June 01, 2021, 4:33 AM GMT+0

Companies should consider value-based selling, which involves focusing on putting the customers’ needs first and not primarily the product itself.

To enable value-based selling, marketers should first conduct research to know their prospects, their desires and needs. Factor in prospects’ career history, current job position and their role in the company.

Consider prospects’ website and social content along with their profile in the CRM. Find out if the lead was approached before and what was its outcome. Use these insights to accurately locate the pain point and find a solution the prospects will accept.

Highlight the product as a solution and communicate how it can solve the prospect’s problem. Proactively ask open-ended questions and interact with customers to foster trust and long-term relationships. Sales professionals must be personable and provide prospects with success reference stories to improve the chances of conversion.

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