Enhance brand perception with reviews

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June 01, 2021, 12:37 PM GMT+0

Monitor social media mentions and respond to threats like negative reviews to reinforce positive brand associations.

To build a positive brand association, businesses must ensure their messaging, assets, customer experiences (CX), are improved. How consumers associate with a brand is influenced by how the brand’s identity, quality, traits and more are conveyed. Create a brand association map to discover opportunities and threats.

This map helps find negative, positive, and neutral terms associated with the company, and conduct surveys to glean insights into consumer perspectives. Leverage elements like company mission, brand positioning to build a branding strategy with logos, colours, and messages to augment brand positivity.

Assess customer touchpoints like social media, websites, as well as partnerships to enhance CX and project the business in a positive light. Developing a crisis management plan helps mitigate the impact of negative narratives and build a positive brand association.

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