"Clean rooms" help gauge ad performance

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June 02, 2021, 1:28 AM GMT+0

Offer value exchange through exclusive pricing, promotions, discounts and more to collect authentic first-party data.

As third-party cookies phase out from leading browsers like Chrome, ecommerce companies must reconsider fundamentals like ad targeting, measurement, and cross-channel attribution. Without cookies, measurement of ad impressions, frequency, classification of audiences can get impacted and put the brand's digital identity at peril.

To overcome measurement challenges in a cookie-less world, brands must implement first-party data solutions like direct-to-consumer models and address privacy concerns. Creating contextual ad campaigns to reach new audiences at scale is suggested to mitigate the loss of unique identifiers and enhance ad targeting precision.

Brands can further leverage data “clean rooms” from walled gardens like Google’s Ads Data Hub to evaluate their paid media performance and upload their own-first-party data. This can help brands measure the performance of ads against specific metrics, without cookies.

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