Create gift guides to drive sales

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June 02, 2021, 9:04 AM GMT+0

The key to creating an effective gift guide is personalisation, which can be achieved through a thorough audience research.

Creating gift guides can help businesses boost brand awareness as well as increase sales for ecommerce stores. Apart from driving sales and marketing goals, gift guides can support companies in maintaining high engagement rates by providing relevant blog and social content.

To create effective gift guides, marketers must first conduct audience research and create accurate buyer personas. Collect both demographic and psychographic data to understand prospects’ pain points, needs and aspirations. Blend audience insights with sales data and Google Trends insights to offer personalised gift recommendations.

Conduct surveys, polls and quizzes to gather audience opinion. However, write headlines that evoke emotion, and leverage power words and high-quality images to inspire readers to take action. Further, use social channels and email newsletters to promote gift guides.

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