“Phygital” campaigns boost engagement

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June 02, 2021, 12:48 PM GMT+0

With “Phygital”, brands can bridge the can gap between digital and physical marketing efforts.

Blending digital and physical experiences into one can help brands create phygital campaigns that humanise customer experiences, and augment emotions. With the adoption of different technologies, devices, and platforms amid COVID-19, phygital experiences in shopping, education, cooking and more have been accelerated.

Brands can offer unique interactive consumer experiences with phygital, as the model combines both physical and digital aspects, going beyond cross-channel and multichannel tactics. Implementing phygital as a holistic approach for communication, marketing, branding, advertising, product innovation, pricing, and more, helps serve consumers' functional and emotional value needs.

Embracing phygital campaigns can help businesses think in terms of a human-first approach, provide sensory engagement opportunities, and cut across channels. Phygital can allow marketers to run contextual campaigns and deliver consistent value across physical and digital spaces.

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