Marketers must listen to be empathetic

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June 03, 2021, 3:18 AM GMT+0

Acquiring empathetic skills can help marketers thrive.

To be empathetic in campaigns, marketers must develop abilities like social listening, communications, interacting, engaging, listening, and communicating with co-workers. In parallel, brands should incorporate the foundational empathetic skills to boost their employees' emotional intelligence.

Kate Gunning, CMO, IEX says, being curious is “imperative” to advance in one’s career, despite having a lot of experience, as it helps develop the right marketing solutions. Moreover, marketers should be their authentic selves to gain the trust of their team leaders, peers, and consumers.

Anna Boteva, brand director, Wieden + Kennedy says actively listening to co-workers and displaying an engagement level can help marketers become empathetic, in the “Zoom world.” Being transparent about all kinds of issues like internal, external, or career-related can help marketers build relationships and trust.

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