FLoC cohorts could protect user privacy

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June 04, 2021, 3:23 AM GMT+0

Advertisers can track conversions without using third-party cookies with Google’s new proposed API.

Google created the Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) to develop a less intrusive tracking solution. FLoC separates individual browsers based on data and assigns them to specific cohorts. This protects consumers' browsing data from being shared with publishers, advertisers, or even Google.

However, many believe that FLoC could still be used in conjunction with invasive forms of tracking, like fingerprints to build a granular perspective of users. Also, sites part of a larger cohort could track users based on login credentials, resulting in exchange of data at scale.

To prepare for FLoC, brands can leverage customer lists from advertising platforms like Google, Microsoft and more to use their first-party data. Further, Google is building a new API dubbed “FLEDGE” to understand first-party data sourcing and usage.

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