Test new marketing tactics on Clubhouse

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June 04, 2021, 2:52 AM GMT+0

With six million registered users and two million weekly active users, narrate brand stories and build business relationships on Clubhouse.

Clubhouse, launched in April 2020, is an audio-only, invite-only social media app that allows users to set up, host, and join discussion chat rooms. Users can build chat rooms for discussions and configure them as "open" or "closed," join "clubs" with frequent rooms, and follow people and clubs.

Users are divided into speaker type, listener type, and moderator type. Companies should optimise their bios and collaborate with other users in their niche and host Clubhouse rooms to deliver value on specific topics, to grow their followers.

Brands can search for new people from the member directory and events from the club directory. Further, small businesses can leverage the app to stand out from all the noise, test new marketing strategies and attract prospects.

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