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June 08, 2021, 4:29 AM GMT+0

Following the “Suggested For You” recommendation helps reach relevant Instagram followers.

Building the right Instagram audience can help brands improve their social media strategy and convert followers into paying customers. To build buyer personas and define the target audience on Instagram, marketers must consider factors like demographics, purchasing power, values, interests, and more.

Companies can leverage Instagram Insights to learn about their followers' interests, content style and create ideal buyer personas. Crafting Instagram posts and content aligned with prospects’ interests, collaborating with brands that appeal to followers and using relevant hashtags can help brands grow followers.

Brands can also follow businesses near them, competitors, and micro-influencers in their niche to extend their reach and connect with prospects. Develop a publication schedule and post at least once a day to ensure the post reaches followers as and when they use the app, to drive engagement.

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