Promote video campaigns with influencers

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June 08, 2021, 2:45 AM GMT+0

Provide influencers with adequate freedom to add their creative spin to video content, while ensuring they follow brand guidelines.

Combining influencer marketing and short-form video content can help brands effectively reach out to consumers, engage prospects, and extend their network and reach. Evaluate influencers’ goals and followers to identify candidates that align with the brand’s content marketing goals, to create effective influencer video marketing campaigns.

Having a goal-first approach and aligning them with influencers, while planning video content helps track downloads per influencers and measure content’s performance. Brands can engage with influencers’ audiences by responding to queries in comments and offering discounts to attract consumers.

Asking influencers to contribute to user-generated content campaigns can also help brands drive engagement. Create influencer video marketing campaigns to improve video content, increase followers and go viral.

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