Social media can help humanise B2B brands

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June 08, 2021, 5:37 PM GMT+0

Social platforms provide B2B companies with an opportunity to connect with audiences in new ways and increase their voice share.

B2B companies can humanise their brand by creating campaigns on social channels. With social channels being more affordable than other channels, companies must consider experimenting on these platforms to better connect with their prospects.

Social campaigns can help B2B companies blur the lines between education and entertainment. On social channels, B2B companies can shape their messaging in a manner that informs as well as entertains. Social platforms also allow B2B companies to host webinars where mainstream influencers can talk about passion points like inclusion.

B2B marketers can also drive intimacy by sending direct, personalised messages to prospects on LinkedIn. Creating highly specialised, targeted newsletters and posting shareable articles, research studies on LinkedIn can further help strengthen relationships with clients. 

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