Brand intimacy drives consumer relations

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June 09, 2021, 2:57 AM GMT+0

MBLM’s recent study found that over the course of the pandemic, consumers formed emotional bonds with brands.

Understanding the emotional impulses of consumers can help brands enhance customer service and boost revenue. According to the study, consumers that experience more emotional connection or intimacy with a brand will pay more for its products and services.

Business looking to build brand intimacy should think of consumer’s intimacy with a brand as a relationship, rather than just a logo, as per Mario Natarelli, a managing partner at MBLM. Further, brands should inquire how their regular customers feel about the brand and assess how emotion influences their behaviour, as loyalty is not the same as intimacy.

Measuring the emotional attributes of the brand can help businesses effectively resonate with their prospects and enhance customer relationships. Leveraging a brand's uniqueness helps businesses develop unique relationships and bonds with their consumers.

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