Consider creating “Tentpole Events”

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June 09, 2021, 5:28 PM GMT+0

This piece shares tactical advice and strategic insights from 20 video marketing and SEO experts to help brands earn more views on their YouTube videos.

To amplify YouTube views, companies should start by seeking out help from YouTube. Follow The YouTube Creator Channel and refer to the YouTube Creator Playbook to find out strategies and new YouTube features.

Marketers should also try creating sustainable content to attract user attention on YouTube. Apply learnings from each video and make adjustments to achieve success. They should also conduct keyword research, identify their target audience, upload closed captions, optimise their video titles and descriptions for SEO.  

Brands should think ahead about “Tentpole events” or seasonal events like holidays or sporting events. Create evergreen how-to or informational videos to attract viewer attention year after year. However, marketers should also maintain a publishing schedule to grow their audience consistently.

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