Be proactive at online conferences

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June 10, 2021, 5:16 PM GMT+0

While the world anxiously awaits the return to in-person conferences, people should use online events to expand their network remotely.

Before joining any online conference, marketers should be clear about their objectives. Before joining an online conference, marketers should be clear about their intent to gain a business opportunity through the conference or to find ways to increase efficiency.

Consider elements like the topic, speaker, time and the availability of on-demand videos post-conference before choosing a session. Look for networking opportunities within these conferences. Marketers can explore features like live chat or chats in broadcast format over Twitter with a hashtag, depending on the online conference platform and the agenda of the virtual event.

Use Q&A session to gain prominence and attract speaker attention. Proactively take part in conversations during the conference. But, marketers must always add value to the conversation to create a lasting impact on speakers and other event attendees.

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