Pandemic strengthens trust in the press

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June 10, 2021, 5:36 PM GMT+0

A recent Reuters’ study found nearly half of people trust news organisations for COVID-19 information.

Around 46% of Britons, 36% of Americans, 39% of Germans and 70% of Spanish people used news organisations as a source of coronavirus-related news and information in the last week. Trust in news organisations for COVID-19 related news and information was at 51% of UK consumers, 43% of US consumers, 52% of German consumers and 46% of consumers in Spain.

These numbers indicate close to half of respondents consider news organisations as trustworthy sources of coronavirus-related information. The study found people’s trust in news organisations for news about COVID-19 is generally higher than their trust in news overall.

More than half of respondents also reported news media had played a crucial role in helping them understand the pandemic. The report further stated news organisations have become “more central to how people stay informed about coronavirus….”

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