Use closed-loop attribution for B2B

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June 10, 2021, 3:47 AM GMT+0

Combining marketing and sales efforts can help B2B brands implement closed-loop analytics over a longer sales cycle.

With consumer journeys lasting weeks, months, or even years in B2B companies, closed-loop attribution could help B2B brands adequately attribute ROI in paid media campaigns like PPC. Closed-loop analytics allows B2B companies to compare data from two or more analytics tools and close the loop.

In PPC campaigns, brands can leverage closed-loop analytics to bridge the gap between Google Analytics and data captured by CRM, to attribute spends. Insights from closed-loop analytics help attribute site visitors’ origin, keywords that led them into the sales funnel, and optimise PPC campaigns.

Though Google Analytics can track users from their first visit till conversion, its capabilities are insufficient for extended sales cycles. Extract client IDs, export, and compile them with CRM and Google Analytics data to view PPC campaigns holistically.

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