Use Google AMP in email marketing

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June 10, 2021, 5:04 PM GMT+0

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) lets marketers create fast-loading and interactive emails to match “mailable” microsites.

With the help of Google AMP, a brand’s email subscribers can fill a form, respond to a survey or check out to complete a purchase from the email without visiting the website or landing page. Apart from creating a better subscriber experience, AMP can drive more conversions and faster business growth. But, it works best in a Gmail ecosystem.

Companies can use AMP in their emails to let visitors check availability or book tickets directly from the email. has already implemented this technology in its promotional email campaign. 

Businesses should use AMP technology to send an email simulating the mobile app. But, they should always create an AMP email with a dynamic MIME part, validate it with the AMP validator and testing tool, follow Gmail’s security and bulk email guidelines.

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