Brands must build their own walled gardens

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June 11, 2021, 5:24 PM GMT+0

With third-party cookies starting to disappear, companies should look for new ways of collecting data and acquiring customers.

While browsers like Mozilla and Safari have already dismissed third-party cookies, Google will remove cookies by 2022. As a result, companies must now look for first-party data as a way to target and acquire customers.

To effectively use data from all sources, clean it and assign behavioural events and attributes to each user. Businesses must also invest in a technology that allows single customer views. Use Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to collect, unify and activate their own customer data and assign new visitors with unique yet anonymous IDs.

Businesses should also start building their own walled gardens to be better placed in a cookie-less world. It is the most powerful and cost-effective strategy around first-party data. But, they should be transparent about their plans for data right from the beginning.

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