Internal social platforms engage employees

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June 11, 2021, 4:29 PM GMT+0

A Denmark-headquartered company conducted a study on its roughly 7000 employees globally to understand the impact of internal social media (ISM) platforms in employee idea generation.

The study found that companies are increasingly adopting ISM platforms to enable communication and interaction among employees. ISM platforms have been a crucial element in employee ideation.

ISM platforms have let employees engage in dialogues and develop innovative ideas that can prepare the company for any uncertainty in the future. Researchers found when employees shared their ideas about an uncertain future, they restrained themselves and carefully shared their ideas.

But, employees also sought to understand others’ perspectives, and engaged in ongoing dialogues and succeeded in the company’s online ideation process. Anticipating objections, asking directional questions, and opening up to other viewpoints were the most common dialogue strategies.

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