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June 11, 2021, 4:26 PM GMT+0

Rich snippets enhance search results with additional data or functionality.

Businesses should optimise their website content to improve their visibility in Google search results with rich snippets. The rich snippers add visual interest, more information and greater utility for searchers than typical search results.

Companies can use their SEO strategy to target rich snippets, helping further their overall organic CTRs. The most common types of rich snippets are Product Markup, Music, Reviews, Events and Recipes. Companies can use structured data to earn their position in rich results. Use Schema.org structured data to optimise for rich results.

Since structured data is not a ranking factor, it will not directly impact the brand’s search rankings. Marketers should test the data with Google’s Rich Results, Testing Tool. Then, deploy the data and use Google Tag Manager to measure rich snippets performance.

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