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June 15, 2021, 2:42 AM GMT+0

55% of consumers think companies must pay a ransom to keep their data safe if ever breached.

With poor password security accounting for more than 80% of data breaches, Big Tech companies must ensure their customers' data is secure and protected. Because businesses stand to profit from stored online data, the article argues that it is their responsibility to protect customer data from hacking.

Developments like two-step verification for all Google accounts from companies like Google can help consumers keep their data safe. Implementing security checks like biometrics, multi-factor authentication, stronger password requirements can prevent hackers from gaining access to data.

Moreover, most consumers don’t have access to tech like SecOps, which can detect threats to protect their data from hacks. While consumers can create stronger passwords for their online accounts, businesses must be liable to protect what’s stored online, via security steps and authentications.

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