Optimise product descriptions for SERPs

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June 16, 2021, 8:11 AM GMT+0

Supplementing credible testimonials with product descriptions can help brands drive ecommerce sales.

Writing a quality product description that evokes positive emotions in online store visitors can drive conversions and boost ecommerce sales. Identifying ideal buyers and their pain points may help brands write compelling product descriptions aligned with their interests and reduce cart abandonment.

To optimise product descriptions for SERPs, conduct competitive analysis, keyword research, and use contextually relevant keyword clusters to find transactional keyword opportunities. Product descriptions with intriguing backstories that emphasise benefits and features can help marketers induce positive emotions in prospects and inform their purchasing decisions.

Use high-quality images and videos with sensory words in product descriptions to capture the target audience’s imagination and move them further down the funnel. Write product descriptions in conversational language with scannable bullet points to aid consumers’ buying decisions and drive sales.

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