Optimise site images to retain visitors

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June 17, 2021, 2:12 AM GMT+0

Tools like TinyPNG can help brands optimise images and upload them on their CMS automatically.

Optimising website images through steps like image size reduction, can help brands enhance the loading speed of their sites, improve the browsing experience, and retain visitors. Editing and saving the image with filters, cropping, correcting exposure, and more is recommended, before optimising the picture.

Brands can either save their images in the PNG or JPEG file format to balance between quality and size of the file. Compressing the image via online tools or downloaded software helps adjust dimensions as per the requirements and decreases its size.

Next marketers must upload the image on their website via CMS and host it on the content delivery network (CDN), to serve images across global networks. Use lazy load plugins, to manage loading of images that aren’t in the viewer’s immediate field of view.

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