Use limited-time offers to boost sales

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June 17, 2021, 5:45 PM GMT+0

Limited-time offers can turn prospects into consumers and customers into repeat buyers by driving urgency and triggering their sense of FOMO and scarcity.

Strategically using limited-time offers can help ecommerce companies boost sales. To yield the best results from limited-time offers, marketers should blend their website popups with well-crafted email campaigns.

Use limited-time offers to promote sales on special occasions like “National Dog Day” or around holiday seasons like Black Friday. Marketers can also use this type of deal to convert abandoning shoppers with timely popups. By adding time limits to exit-intent campaigns, brands can stop customers from abandoning carts and amplify conversions.

Marketers can create urgency-driven popups with floating images to capture attention. They can also drive urgency with an email countdown timer or provide limited-time free delivery offers. Adding psychological triggers like “the party’s almost over” to email subject lines can further boost sales.

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