Build a single customer view

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June 18, 2021, 3:29 PM GMT+0

Single customer view (SCV) is a centralised platform where brands have a holistic view of their customer's journey.

Having a single customer view can help the brand effectively identify and track every interaction with prospects and existing customers. It can help marketers develop relevant and targeted strategies. Investing in a platform with a single customer view can help companies gather better insights, understand campaign performance easily and identify areas of improvement.

An SCV can help brands have cleaner data and enhance attribution. To create an SCV, companies should first align their data owners and KPIs. Consolidate data from multiple systems and sources into one place.

Businesses should also design a data governance strategy, sort and integrate all data from legacy systems to build appropriate SCV. Hire data managers to migrate all data without data loss and use all-in-one CRM platforms across teams.

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