Inject humour in social media marketing

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June 21, 2021, 1:02 PM GMT+0

Hosting giveaway contests and communicating with consumers through direct messages can help brands boost engagement on social media.

Creating a branding campaign to be shared on social media can help businesses gain consumers and boost sales. Focus social media marketing efforts on a single platform to begin with, and then expand to other platforms, based on the campaign performance and engagement metrics.

Brands can monitor data produced via analytics tools and use it to inform their strategies and track performances. Deploying branding campaigns with the same logo and colours across social media platforms helps maintain consistency, drives brand awareness, enhances engagement and conversions.

Leverage visuals like graphics, videos, and images with comparable styles on all platforms to better convey messages and connect with consumers. Developing a humorous and fun tone with the brand’s personality can further help marketers promote brands and build relationships with prospects.

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