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June 21, 2021, 1:28 AM GMT+0

Evaluate consumer feedback to discover new ways in which products are being used.

Understanding the tangential or alternative opportunities of product use cases can help brands maximise value of their existing line of products. Gather feedback from longstanding and loyal consumers to find use cases for products and promote them from a different perspective to drive sales.

In addition, brands can encourage consumers to experiment with “off-label” purposes of their products, to maximise a product’s value and boost passive revenue. For example, Bayer dedicated a section of its Alka-Seltzer website to science experiments, to drive sales for the product.

Brands must, however, nudge their consumers a bit in a specific direction to help them come up with innovative product usage ideas. Creating a flexible and dynamic marketing campaign can help brands capitalise on new product usage trends and market them to audiences beyond the target demographic.

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