Publishers less interested in social

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June 21, 2021, 12:47 PM GMT+0

The trend of automating and syndicating content distribution is contributing to the growing gap between publishers and social media platforms.

Publishers are starting to not regard social media platforms as lucrative revenue streams or important channels for brand growth, according to a recent Digiday study. While 50% of publishers perceive Facebook to be a valuable source of revenue, over a third of publishers do not feel the same way about other platforms.

However, approximately two-thirds of publishers use Instagram, for brand-building and 20% of publishers publish content on Snapchat. Only 33% of publishers who post content on YouTube consider it to be a "valuable" revenue source.

Further, with limited budgets for new platforms, only nine publishers reported experimenting on Clubhouse, and six tried Twitch. The “indifference is mutual”, report publishers, as platforms now are more focused on creators, dependent on them to earn revenue.

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