Paid subscriptions are the way forward

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June 22, 2021, 5:38 PM GMT+0

With consumers willing to pay more for privacy and ad-free experiences, small publishers must consider paid subscription models.

Instead of solely relying on ad revenues, small publishers should explore other monetisation models like paid subscriptions. By offering subscriptions, small publishers can monetise ad-blockers that do not provide any revenue or value exchange to the website otherwise.

Paid subscription is also a consent-based option, making the media channel better privacy and user-focussed. In addition, studies show that the average revenue per visitor (ARPV) for a paid digital subscriber can reach an order of magnitude higher than ad-based ARPV.

Additionally, subscriptions can help publishers drive loyalty and scarcity as people are ready to pay the extra price for quality, niche, exclusive content. With subscription-based website revenue recurring and more predictable than ad rates, paid subscriptions can make it easier for small companies to forecast and plan for growth more effectively.

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