Leverage blockchain to improve marketing

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June 23, 2021, 5:26 PM GMT+0

Blockchain technology can enhance the way marketers collect and use data or communicate with customers and manage advertisements.

Using blockchain can help companies transform their digital marketing, enhance security, get low-cost ad placements and improve consumer data as well as privacy. With the integration of blockchain technology in businesses, companies can use open, immutable transactions, scan consumer profiles to remove fraudulent consumers and prevent potential fraud.

Blockchain can also help companies effectively address data security concerns and offer end-to-end data transparency. For example, companies can leverage blockchain technology to understand which ads perform best for their target audiences instead of paying fees to third-party ad placement sites.

This technology can help remove unnecessary expenses, reduce ad expenditure and increase advertisement ROI. In addition, with blockchain transactions being decentralised, marketers can obtain accurate and reliable data directly from customers, helping create relevant content and cost-effective campaigns that help lead generation.

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