Make size hunt interesting for customers

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June 23, 2021, 5:31 PM GMT+0

A recent study found that a significant share of ecommerce returns occur when products do not match their online descriptions.

By offering size guides, ecommerce businesses can help visitors find best items for their needs, which can help reduce return rates and improve the shopping experience. Companies should place their size guide in a prominent position of their website, like navigation menu.

To make size-finding process interesting, brands can invite visitors to participate in a fit finder quiz. Companies can also feature customer reviews to validate their size guide and boost credibility. Around 97% of customers consult product reviews before making a purchase.

Brands can use an interactive size guide that helps find the right size by asking certain questions. They can further display product videos to highlight the fit or instructional videos showing how customers need to measure themselves to find the perfect size.

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